West Michigan Regional Dashboard - Use it to find your purpose!

Posted on June 09, 2017 in


by Bill Benson

Finding the satisfaction that comes with having a purposeful life should be everybody's goal. Some people are fortunate to combine their career path with their passion for making a larger impact. In many cases we donate money, volunteer or join a board to serve this important aspect of our journey. 

The next thing to consider is where can I make an impact? It is great to focus your community involvement in an area of need and you also want this work to connect to a personal passion. The Right Place along with a broad cross section of government, not for profit organizations and businesses have put together a dashboard to help us better understand the current state of our area. This dashboard includes metrics around our economy, social fabric and environment. The list of factors listed on this dashboard are all pivotal factors for our area to act upon. I think you will find some factors within this information that might surprise you and give you some motivation to take action. 

Please check out this great tool - West Michigan Regional Dashboard. The Right Place has committed to maintaining this dashboard for a minimum of a five year period.